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Our Services.

Staff Augmentation Services

At Mammoth, we focus on establishing a solid relationship with our clients by providing exceptional people with expertise in project controls and program/construction management. The key to successful project and program delivery starts with having effective processes in place.  This comes from having a structured approach to developing the planning culture, early engagement, adopting industry best practices, understanding organizational culture and defining data/reporting requirements upfront.

Mammoth will work alongside your team throughout the program life cycle, from the capital planning process through procurement and execution stages, and finally easing the asset into the Facility Maintenance Phase.

We begin with a thorough understanding of your business objectives and needs. From there, Mammoth staff and your team will jointly prepare a strategy to meet, and exceed, those objectives. We will function as an extension of your team through open collaboration and clear communications. We manage the complicated project controls process to allow you to focus on core business practices, knowing that Mammoth is protecting your interests.  Our pride of ownership will lead to positive teamwork and results for your project.

Planning and Scheduling
Critical Path Method (“CPM”) scheduling services including schedule reviews, baseline development, resource and cost loading, monthly updates, schedule management and risk analysis.

Cost Controls
Cost Specialties include Estimating, Predicting escalation and cost trends, Analyzing bids, Developing budgets, cost management and control,
Earned Value Management, Tracking, reporting, & forecasting to complete, Variance analysis and Benchmarking

Risk Management and Claims Avoidance
Our Risk services include risk analysis, cost and schedule risk assessment, risk modeling, risk response planning, Time Impact Analysis, Schedule Comparisons, Claims Preparation, and Change Management

Reporting and Dashboards
Development of process and procedures, Project and Program integration of Project Management Information Systems (PMIS), IT Needs assessments and gap analysis, Data Integration, and Dashboards

Project and Construction Management
Project Coordination and administration, Field Engineering, Project Management, Construction Management, and Inspection

Project Strategy & Implementation

An organizations ability to generate the right data, in the right format at the right time throughout all project phases of a project is crucial to support informed and proactive decisions.  Project decision-makers should not have to wait until the next reporting period simply because the information they seek is blocked by information integration barriers, contractual hindrances, or ineffective data collection.

Mammoth’s assessment team brings relevant first hand project experience and best practices from industry organizations to help to identify, synthesize, and prioritize the key strategies and critical success factors enabling project controls and critical project metric reporting.  The team utilizes a capability maturity assessment process to help organizations optimize project execution effectiveness, overcome project inhibiting barriers and maximize the likelihood of meeting or exceeding project success criteria.

Mammoth works with clients across all stages of the project life cycle, from initial idea through strategy, execution, and reporting

Lean Management

Organizations are constantly seeking ways to become more efficient and profitable. The most successful businesses use process improvement techniques such as lean management principles to innovate and develop new ways to deliver value. We offer Lean Management consulting services to helps our clients maximize resources and project efficiency.

Organizational Change Management

Organizations constantly face operational challenges while pursuing their goals. We serve as a partner to our clients and their leadership teams to ensure the organizations manage critical transitions efficiently. Our team deploys a bespoke approach to change management by using the Prosci® change management model as the body of knowledge to meet each client’s unique needs.

Project Management Maturity Assessments

We offer comprehensive, tailored Project Management Maturity assessments (PMMA) and follow with growth plans. The PMMA establishes a baseline to measure project governance improvements and a framework to determine the optimum state for your project management needs. We developed tools that include schedule assessments, risk management, change control, ROI and dashboards for program monitoring.

Decision Making Tools

Mammoth’s technology partnership includes fully integrated suite of tools that put real-time information in the hands of management, enabling them to make better and faster, fact-based decisions that keep projects on schedule and within budget.  At the heart of the project management platform is a core group of cutting-edge solutions that help us to visualize, estimate, manage, control and connect all aspects of the project.

The platform is cloud-based and solutions are designed so that everyone on the project can access the information they need, whether they work in the office or out in the field. Managers can quickly gather data from active projects and generate the KPI-driven reports and dashboards needed to identify issues and make more informed decisions.  This integration ensures we have one source of the truth, with every aspect of the project in sync from start to finish.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Mammoth Solutions leverages your data to move your business forward.  The data analytics and business intelligence services we provide allow our clients to make fully informed decisions, eliminate hidden costs and deliver transformative business outcomes. Our data analysts help clients convert unstructured data into a coherent framework and distill the key insights using predictive analytics, visualization tools, and customized dashboards.