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As the world’s dependency on energy grows, expectations for the safety, reliability, resilience, affordability, and environmental impacts of the energy that powers our lives continue to evolve. Challenges include variable demand with the electrification of mobility and mass adoption of distributed energy resources like solar and batteries, increased capacity for transmission and distribution systems, and the direct impact of climate change on the grid. As grid planning, design, and operations progress, Mammoth works closely with clients to help them prepare for future demand. We have supported energy projects involving electric transmission and distribution, grid modernization/resiliency, energy storage, renewable energy, and natural gas and gas pipelines.


Confidential Project
Project Locations: San Bernardino County, California, and Clark County, Nevada

Project Description
Supporting a large utility in Sourthern CA, this project will to deliver electricity from renewable and conventional generation resources outside of California to help meet growing electricity demand in the region, as well as to reduce greenhouse gases.  The project increases capacity on existing transmission lines by installing capacitors. This will allow additional renewable energy to flow from Nevada to Southern California.

The project includes the following major components:
1) Modifying existing Eldorado, Lugo, and Mohave electrical substations to accommodate the increased current flow from Nevada to Southern California.
2) Constructing capacitors along existing transmission lines; capacitors increase power flow through existing lines.
3) Raising some transmission tower heights to meet ground clearance requirements.
4) Installing communication wire on our transmission lines to allow for communication between substations.
5) Install mitigation such as cathodic protection and grounding, if needed, as a result of any induced alternating current effects the increased power flow might have on nearby gas transmission pipelines

Firm Role
Providing Project Controls support services:  Full scheduling support, schedule creation, schedule updates, reviewing contractor’s schedules, performing Time Impact Analysis, providing project management support, meeting with project managers in order to review change orders, coordinating project meetings, supporting facilitated partnering and risk mitigation process.  Key items that are tracked in the schedule included material yard activities – site prep, material delivery and storage, preparation and assembly of material prior to delivery to work areas, construction offices, and temporary helicopter operations.  The schedule also included transmission and tower improvements, modifications to existing substations, distribution and telecommunication improvements and series capacitor improvements.  Due to the geographical footprint of the project, the project schedule was utilized to sequence key construction activities by the contractor and interface with several stakeholders/departments within this utility.