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Capability Maturity Assessments

Objectively compare your current project control and management practices against industry best practices to identify potential risks, prioritize improvements and implement.

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Decision Making Tools

Ensures stakeholders share a single version of project across all stages of the project lifecycle, enabling them to make accurate and timely decisions.

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Project Control & Construction Management Staff Augmentation Services

Program, Project and Construction Management, Project Management Oversight, Estimating, Claims Avoidance, Scheduling, Cost Engineering, Document Control and Inspection.

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Who we are.

Mammoth Associates was founded on a vision of taking a more evidence-based approach to capital projects. We saw a growing need for data and analytics to play a stronger role so that the risks and challenges inherent to capital intensive projects could be reduced and organizations could gain more context for their strategic investments.

The key to realizing value in the engineering and construction industry is successfully marrying field-tested and proven engineering and projection management judgement with the technologies that simply work. We offer a deep bench of functional expertise in managing projects and a proven, repeatable way to improve project portfolio performance and reduce risk.At the heart of our project management technology is a group of fully integrated solutions that help management visualize, estimate, manage, control and connect all aspects of a project. It’s about making sure you have the information you need when and where you need it, avoiding project surprises, and making it easier for you to make informed adjustments that will keep your project on time, on budget and built to the highest quality.

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